To make the most of your trip to Brazil, flying between cities will help save plenty of time and money on travel. The most practical and economical way to travel within Brazil is with a TAM air pass. Foreigners as well as Brazilians residing abroad are eligible for a pass as long as they hold a round trip ticket to Brazil. You can get a 30 day air pass from TAM provided you confirm your itinerary before you depart for Brazil.

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Cheap Flights up to 9 Destinations

With a TAM air pass, you can fly to nine destinations across the country at a reasonable price. The minimum pass is for four destinations at a cost of around US 600. Each additional destination costs approximately US $130 extra, which is less expensive than purchasing an individual airfare. You can’t buy the pass in Brazil, so make sure you plan your schedule and then contact TAM for an air pass. They have a toll free number.

Air Pass Terms and Conditions

To purchase the air pass you will need to show proof of your round-trip international ticket. The good thing about these passes is that they are refundable if they aren’t used. However, no refund will be given if you have partially used it. Children up to three years are only charged 10% of the adult air fare.

Value for Money

A TAM air pass allows you to fly only on TAM flights to the destinations of your choice. You can book them online through a travel agent as well. The rules are fairly rigid, so don’t plan on changing your route, although it is possible to change dates for a fee. An airport fee of US $8 is added to the cost for departure from each city, along with a US $40 processing fee. Considering the high cost of flying within Brazil a TAM air pass is definitely great value for money.
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