Rio has miles of stunning coastline and is now a top destination for those looking for the perfect vacation. The state is not short of secluded beaches, luxury hotels, eco-friendly and protected areas that include towns such as Buzios, Angra dos Reis, Paraty and Petropolis, to name a few. If you are seeking some solitude and an escape from city life, head right for the state of Rio de Janeiro. Chances are you may never want to return from any of these places. Most importantly, a vacation here will help you connect with the locals, interact with nature and sample traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Buzios – A wonderful play land

Buzios is a small town a mere two hour’s drive from Rio. The peninsula island is blessed with over twenty beaches and plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkeling and to experience a bit of the Atlantic Forest. From a quaint fishing village, the town has evolved into a trendy tourist destination ever since French actress Brigitte Bardot visited the town in the 1960s. Today, Buzios is a great place to vacation with its warm and inviting sandy beaches, cobblestone streets and many nightlife options. Browse our Vacation Packages with Buzios.

Angra dos Reis Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Angra dos Reis – A Tropical Paradise

A 3 hour drive from Rio is Angra dos Reis, an archipelago with over 2000 beaches and 365 islands including Ilha Grande the largest and most popular island. Many of the rich and famous own homes on private islands. Angra has plenty of upscale accommodations and luxury vacation homes available on rent. The archipelago is home to numerous endangered species, with special emphasis on conservation. Learn more about our Packages to Angra dos Reis.

Paraty – From Oblivion to Paradise City

Paraty, another charming town, was formerly a fishing village, surrounded by miles of beaches and the Atlantic Rainforest. The town offers a unique blend of natural and historical sites and is now a favorite destination for domestic as well as foreign tourists. Check our Paraty Vacation Packages.

To escape the humdrum of city life in Rio, many travelers head to Petropolis, a beautiful mountain town that was the summer retreat of the imperial court in the 19th century. The town often reminds one of a fairy tale setting, with its horse drawn carriages, bridges, canals, nature parks and 18th century street lamps.


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