There are several rental car agencies that dot the landscape of Brazil. Finding the best company for you can be quite a daunting task. Begin by looking online and comparing prices. Keep your end destination in mind while choosing your preferred means of transportation. It may be better to rent an SUV as opposed to a sports car. The smaller car rental companies will be a lot cheaper as compared to the national brands but both are available in Brazil.

To rent a car in Brazil you must be over 25 with a driver’s license, major credit card and passport. Keep in mind that traffic laws are not always followed. Brazil drivers tend to be quite aggressive so you may have to become a more offensive driver to cope with the flow of traffic.

Leme - Copacabana streets

Nevertheless, if you plan on touring the country, a rental car is the best idea. You will not be limited to the schedules of buses and trains and there is less hassle if you can simply get into your car and drive to where you want to go. Also remember that Brazilian rental agencies inspect their cars with a fine toothcomb. Therefore, before leaving the rental lot, take a good look at your car and record with your agent any blemishes you see on the car