While there are many sites to see and attractions to visit in the Amazon Basis there are few activities that are highly recommended. Do take the time to spend a day hiking through the many preserves around Manaus. This is the best way to get up close and personal with the plants, animals and butterflies of the forest. Take a boat cruise up the Amazon to see one of the most incredible displays of nature. Two different rivers come together to form the Amazon, but they do not mix. The slower, darker River Negro floats beside the lighter, sandier Rio Solimoes for about 6 miles before they come together. Riverboat cruises are quite exciting as you spend 3-5 days on the Amazon getting to know the river. You can plan on stopping off at one of the many eco-lodges along the river. Alternatively, opt for the adventurous canopy tour of the rainforest.

Parrots from Amazon in Brazil