The dazzling beaches and majestic mountains of Rio de Janeiro are only a few things that attract thousands of visitors to the city every year. The historic buildings, monuments, baroque churches and undoubtedly, the Rio Carnival are what make the city even more appealing to visitors. Sounds exciting? Then the first thing is to book your flight tickets to Rio as soon as possible. Thankfully, airfares to Brazil have dropped over the recent years. While Rio may be your prime destination, it is worth buying an airpass and taking in the other regions of Brazil as well.

Travel options to Rio de Janeiro

Flying In From North America

From the United States, there are a number of direct flights from major cities including Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Washing DC. However, the secret to a cheaper flight is Miami. The city is home to many Brazilian immigrants who hop over to Rio frequently. Canadian tourists have a direct connection to Rio from Toronto. However, those living on the West Coast may find it cheaper to fly to a US city and catch a connecting flight to Rio.

Flying in from Europe

European airports are well connected with Rio, with direct flights from all the capital cities including London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Lisbon and Munich, to name a few. The Portuguese connection is strong and a flight from Lisbon is cheaper than other cities like London or Amsterdam. Some charter flights may be worth checking out and could be a good chance to save on airfares.

Flying Can be Cheap

Within Brazil, a Brazilian Air Pass is the cheapest way to fly to different destinations around the large country. In fact, without an air pass, flying around will become much more expensive, especially if you want to visit all the cultural gems around the country. You can buy air passes from TAM,  an airline that covers a large domestic base.

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