There is really no bad time to visit Rio de Janeiro, as the city is playful in the heat of summer and rocking in the cool of the winter. Rio never loses its intrinsic energy even on the gloomiest of days.

Rio is busiest in the summer from December through March and this is the time of year with the most expensive hotel prices. Temperatures are quite excessive, well into the 90sF and while this is the perfect time of year to lounge on the beach, hiking the rainforest or climbing a mountain can be very strenuous. May through October, wintertime, is considered the off season and lodging is cheaper but temperatures are cooler, usually in the 70sF, so warm beach days are not as plentiful.

Copacabana view

Aside from weather there are a few times of year where visiting Rio can be extraordinarily exciting. New Years Eve on Copacabana beach draws over one million people from the city and around the world. The live bands up and down the beach and the spectacular fireworks are a great way to ring in the New Year. For two weeks before Lent the city comes alive with Samba music, outrageous costumes, parties and parades. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is considered the most amazing celebration in the world. Millions flock to Rio yearly to take part in this gala event. Scantily clad Samba dances, exotic costume balls and all-night block parties will transport the visitor into a psychedelic wonderland.

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