Angra dos Reis is an archipelago a mere 3 hours from Rio by road. With over two thousand beaches and 365 islands, Angra dos Reis is a tourist paradise. Angra has plenty to offer in terms of luxury accommodations and vacation homes, making it a popular hangout for wealthy Brazilians as well.

Of course, there are many mansions built by the rich and famous on private islands. Ilha Grande is the largest island and is home to several endangered species that live in harmony with the flora and fauna of the region. The spectacular beaches, plenty of sunshine and interesting historical sites make Angra dos Reis a dream destination.

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Getting there & around

Costa Verde Buses ply from Angra’s bus station, Largo da Lapa, to major cities like Rio every hour from 4 am to 10:45 pm daily. Colitur buses ply between Angra and Paraty on the hour from 6 am to 11 am daily. You can rent a car from Rio and take the route from Brazil Avenue down BR 101 Rio – Santos, which is an hour’s drive from Angra. Traveling within the islands is best by boat, where you will be able to enjoy the crystalline waters and spectacular natural wonders of the Fluminense Green Coast.

When to Pack

You can pack your bags and head for Angra at any time of the year. The climate is hot and humid for most parts of the year with an average temperature of 24º C.

Looking For A Cozy Nest

Luxurious vacation homes, hotels and friendly pousadas are all at your disposal, depending on the amount you are willing to spend. Contorno road has some of the best hotels and inns at affordable prices. Ilha Grande has the most accommodation options including private villas that are available on rent. The islands have plenty to offer so you ought to get ready to spend a week to ten days to enjoy all that Angra has to offer.

Ilha Grande – Angra’s Largest Island Paradise

Deserted beaches, waterfalls, hills, mountains, brooks and spectacular nature trails are every traveler’s dream and this can come true on Angra’s island, Ilha Grande. The island stands out amongst all the islands in the region and was an important port as well as a prison post for almost 60 years. Many beaches are accessible only by boat or trail. Diving enthusiasts will find locations such as Jorge Grego Island, Ponta de Castelhanos and Meros and Naufragios Island, the perfect spots for a plunge into the ocean waters that are home to great species of fish and corals. A visit to the imposing caves on the island is a must for every traveler. Abraão Village on the island has some of the best restaurants and inns.

Beyond the Beach

Since Angra was a colonial town, several buildings such as the convent of Nossa Senhora do Carmo built in 1593 and located on Praça General Osório is worth visiting to admire the architecture of a bygone era. Among the other churches are São Bernardino de Sena on Morro do Santo Antônio and Nossa Senhora da Lapa da Boa Morte on Largo da Lapa. There is also the Museum of Sacred Art on Largo da Lapa.

Angra dos Reis is no longer only a playground for the wealthy Cariocas. If you wish to experience a piece of paradise, plan your next vacation on the Fluminense Green Coast, you won’t regret your decision.

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