Rio Tips!

Rio families go everywhere together. Children are taken to beaches, restaurants and shopping. As long as there are no restrictions you will see children with their parents all over Rio. However, there are many sights and locations throughout Brazil that children will specifically enjoy.

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Kid's enjoying the beach in Copacabana Rio

The Beaches

The most obvious place for a child to have fun is at the beach. Building sandcastles, jumping the waves or trying to boogie board are all favorite activities. The Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are usually quite crowded on a warm sunny day and it is very easy for children to hook up and play together. The Leblon beach is especially attractive for families. This beach has Baixo Baby, a playground with toys and stuffed animals.

Street Parties

On Sundays the roads are closed down in front of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. Jugglers, musicians, fire-eaters, stilt-walkers and magicians stroll down the streets playing their trade. Families can rent bicycles or small electric cars for the kids.


Aside from the beach, there are several attractions that are quite popular with children. Jardim Zoologico, the local zoo, has a wide array of local and exotic animals to visit and learn about. At the Museu do Indio located in the neighborhood of Botafogo kids can paint their bodies like the native Indians. Don’t worry, the paint washes right off. There are also native Indian cottages for children to crawl through. The Santa Teresa tram runs along an old aqueduct through some of the older neighborhoods. Children usually enjoy this train ride.

Group Fun

Families can all have fun together at several local attractions in Rio. Adults can sit and enjoy a drink and the lovely views from Sugar Loaf Mountain while children use up some of that energy on the playground. The Barra Brasa restaurant also has kid friendly options. Getting to Corcovado is a lot of fun for children. They really like the tramway ride that travels through the Tijuca Forest. Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is a great place to visit at night with the children as there are pedal boats and bicycles for rent. In addition there is plenty of live music and a wide array of food stands to choose from.

There is plenty to do in Rio for children. From the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between, there is always something to do for families traveling with children.

Crossing Lapa's Arch by train

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