Brazilian Cuisine

Brazilian cuisine may have a few similarities with its South American neighbors. However, thanks to the influence of the African slaves as well as the Portugueses, Brazilian cuisine is distinct and uniquely delicious, which is reflected in a variety of dishes. If you wish to learn more about Rio’s culinary delights, embark on a culinary tour of the region for a taste of Rio’s gastronomic delights.

Brazilian food - Rio bars and restaurants

Barbecue Houses – Churrascarias – Meat and More Meat

The “Churrascaria” is a local steak house, but very different from those found abroad. For fixed, very reasonable price, several different types of meats are brought on skewers and cut in front of the client. Side dishes are abundant and varied ranging from fired bananas and palm hearts to green salads, french fries and rice. All in all, the barbecue is a part of the Brazilian Folklore and should definitely be experienced during a tour in Rio de Janeiro.

Porcão is considered one of the best churrascarias in Rio de Janeiro, it has several restaurants throughout the city, so you can choose the nearest one to you.

What Culinary Tours Offer

Tour operators that offer culinary tours offer culinary instructions about the food and drink of the region. You will also get to dine at restaurants that offer various cuisine and of course, enjoy plenty of local Brazilian drinks at local bars. In between your cooking classes, you will get a chance to head to the beach and soak in the sights of the city.

Feijoadas and more

Brazilians are proud of the quality of their meats which is are why chicken, beef and seafood make up a bulk of Brazilian dishes

Traditional Brazilian restaurants serve food that the locals make at home including feijoada, probably the most typical dish from Brazil: a black bean stew with hearty sausages and sundried beef, served with rice, collard grens, cassava (manioc) flour and orange slices. It is served throughtout the country, and there are many variations.

Casa da Feijoada ‘s specialty – a must experience.

You can eat a Feijoada with caipirinha go together like steak and potatoes. Ask for one with cachaça and lemon.

The influence of Portuguese imigrants on the city’s culinary and the constant renewal brought about contemporary Brazilian and international chefs, Rio de Janeiro can take pride in its seafood cuisine

The South Side or Zona Sul which includes Copacabana and Ipanema, has some of the best seafood offerings in town.


Strawberry Caipirinha - Bars and Restaurants in Rio

Where to eat:

Azul Marinho Restaurant (Ipanema Beach) has a vast menu, but the different types of Moquecas, prepared in authentic clay pots from Espirito Santo State, are their most famous specialities. As for the location, no other seafood restaurante on the South Side is this close to the beach . Worth checking out during the day and night, as it’s outdoor tables view Ipanema and Leblon beaches.

Brazilian party can do without an assortment of drinks including the famous Caipirinha, a concoction of lime and Cachaça (locally brewed rum). No matter how fussy your taste buds are, traditional Brazilian cuisine will have you ordering more. On your culinary tour, don’t forget to try out the Por Kilo restaurants where you pay for food by the weight. This is a great way to sample many different dishes and put on a few pounds before you head back home.

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