Tough times didn’t shy away the splendor of Vila Isabel

Unidos da Vila Isabel is a very old and traditional school which nearly went into oblivion only to rejoin the Special Group later with an astonishing championship, and has scored very high again in the last few years. It is famous for its legendary Drum Queens Muses such as, Viviane Araújo, former Miss Brazil, model Adriana Perett and many more.

Vila Isabel during Rio carnival in Brazil


The samba school Vila Isabel was set up on April 4th 1946 by a samba lover Antonio Fernandes da Silveira, commonly called Mr.China. The thought of creating a samba school in the conventional Rio neighborhood occurred to Mr. China while he was with friends in a neighborhood bar. The first rehearsals occurred on his backyard and he became the school’s first president. Its first parade was in the year 1947 with the theme called From Slave to Queen.


Vila Isabel’s official colors are blue and white with its logo displaying a crown at the centre. The school chose to make them its official colors, since blue and white were the shades of a samba group Mr. China had been a part of, earlier.


Vila Isabel tasted its first success in 1960 when it was awarded champion’s title in the third grouping with the plot Poet of the Saves. Since then on it has grown to become one of Rio’s most prolific schools in the Sambadrome. In the 1967 Carnival, Vila Isabel introduced distinct color variants to its samba costumes in the theme titled Carnival of Illusions and that resulted in an elegant show. However, it gained a place among Rio´s Carnival Special Group only after 1983. In 1987 the theme-plot Roots won it several accolades. But it was the theme I’m Mad About You, America! that gave Vila Isabel its second championship in 2006, and it became an instant hit at the Sambadrome stands to everyone’s pure delight!