Glamour and Sophistication are the words that better describe the Magic Ball at Copa

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TheCopacabana Palace spins some magic on Carnival Saturday with the most popular extravaganza, the Magic Ball. The ball is the high point of Carnival weekend with most of Rio’s affluent as well as celebrities from around the world in attendance. If glamour and sophistication is what you are looking for, the Magic Ball is the perfect solution for a great evening. Many of the who’s who in South America makes it a point to be there.

Copacabana Palace Magic Ball in Rio de Janeiro

An illustrious occasion

With an affluent crowd in attendance, the Magic Ball is the most expensive and lavish events held during the Carnival, except for the Samba Parade at the Sambadrome. For decades, this glittering event continues to be the most illustrious in Rio. In addition, the venue is a catwalk for most politicians and other international stars, not to forget a bevy of super models. Among the celebrities who have been to the Magic Ball are Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton, Brigitte Bardot and Vincent Cassel. This ball is full of elegance and glamour. The elite of the city including socialites, politicians and businessmen all gather to enjoy this Magic Ball.

Costumes for the bold and beautiful

From crystal to butterflies, the ball has a different theme each year. While men need to adhere to the dress code of suit and black tie or luxury costume, women are welcome in a gala dress or luxury costume. It’s fun to wear a costume, which is the highlight of the evening. Many do so with a flourish so you don’t have to be bashful about going over-the-top with your costume. There is no need to attend one of glamorous and fancy balls in a heavy ornate costume. Comfort is the only requirement in Rio when dancing the night away in the lap of luxury.

Tuxedos and ball gowns can be kept away for another occasion. No one will ever find you over-dressed or under-dressed in a city like Rio.

Entertainment all around

A group of young men and women are hired specially to entertain the guests, so if you are single it won’t be long before you hit the dance floor. Every year the red carpet at is graced by a well known celebrity who plays host for the night. The hotel’s magnificent rooms are decorated in a special theme for the occasion every year. With live bands in attendance spinning some samba magic through the night, cariocas continue to flaunt their talent at the most coveted event of the Carnival. The “Baile do Copa” is the place to see and be seen by the elite of Brazil as well as the world. The luxury and elegance of this ball will be a glorious memory for the rest of your life.

Copacabana Palace Magic Ball in Rio de Janeiro

Making reservations

Cariocas form a majority of attendees at the Magic Ball; therefore, visitors are requested to book their tables early. Table arrangements can be made for up to 12 per table at the hotel’s Golden Room. For around US$ 2400 per head you can enjoy a buffet dinner and unlimited drinks at the Golden Room. Tickets for the Noble Salon could cost you up to US$ 1600 per person. If you don’t wish to reserve a place at a table you can buy tickets for US$ 1300. However, you will have to find a place for yourself around the veranda. That doesn’t really matter because most people are on the dance floor through the night.

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