One of the most extravagant event – marking the end of Rio Carnival celebrations

Among the biggest parties at the Scala in Downtown is the Gay Costume Ball on Carnival Tuesday. The event is one of the most extravagant, marking the end of Carnival celebrations. Gays, lesbians, drag queens, and transvestites come up with the most exotic costumes, making a grand entry to the club. Some exotically adorned and others shockingly exposed, but all with the aim of kicking up a storm on a night filled with dancing and singing. The Carnival is a time when all rules of society are suspended and citizens revel in their liberation. Call it outrageous or simply mind blowing; the Carnival is a time when all inhibitions are set aside.

Gay ball during carnival

Playboy bunnies and Barbie boys

Costumed revelers welcome everyone to the party to enjoy the final hours of the Carnival. This time the Scala rolls out a pink carpet as compared to the red one on other nights. From Cleopatra to Playboy bunnies, gypsies and soldiers, gays keep the animated crowd well entertained with their costumes. Many of the revelers both inside and outside the Scala are tourists from other countries, which add to the fun and excitement of the evening. It does not matter what costume you wear as long as you enjoy the fun and excitement of the night.

The pink carpet beckons

The night isn’t limited to gay male party-goers. Of course, plenty of women gather at the Scala to enjoy the sights and sounds at the Gay Costume Ball. Rio’s gay community which is relatively subdued for the rest of the year are out in full bloom at the Scala. Sequinned shorts, peacock feathers, gloves, and headpieces – you will find the wildest creations and most outrageous attire come alive on this night. While drag queens do take center stage, there are plenty of drag kings as well. Drag queens that walk the pink carpet come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, and are among the most interesting to watch.

Single, then mingle

Both floors at the Scala are packed with revelers with masks and costumes dancing to the samba beats provided by live bands dressed in full costume. All you need to have is an open mind and be prepared to dress to impress for an unforgettable experience at one of Rio’s biggest events. If you are camera shy then all you need to do is avoid the limelight. If you are single then this is a great place to meet up with someone, whether you’re gay or straight without prejudice, doesn’t really matter. Cariocas love to meet new people so do not be afraid to strike up a conversation or try your hand at a little flirting.

Tickets for the Gay Costume Ball are around US$ 125 for standing tickets, US$ 350 for a VIP box and US$ 589 for a table for 4. It is best to book your seats early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets for VIP box seats at the Scala include drinks and a buffet with fruits, sushi, pasta, and fried snacks. Table reservations are ideal for up to 4, so if you are in a group then booking a table would be a good idea. Standing tickets are the least expensive with access to the entire area except the buffet and open-bar.

* Prices are subject to change

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