Overview of Rio Carnival Tours

What better way can there be to spend a vacation than at the Carnival in Rio. Every year the city comes to life during the four-day festival leading up to Lent. Outlandish costumes, extraordinary floats full of dancers, and street parties where the samba drums roll all night long, are just a few of elements of the most extravagant and biggest event in the world.

Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has several different tours to choose from. With 7 million residents the city still manages to maintain its natural beauty with lovely beaches, local parks, dense rainforests and fascinating history. Rio offers plenty for the adventurous including kayaking, diving, hang gliding, hiking, rock climbing, biking and surfing. For the more subdued, bird watching is a popular sport. Of course there are also the incredible sights throughout the city such as a Corcovado and Sugar Loaf. Rio is one of the most diverse cities in the world and tourists have the opportunity to experience both the concrete jungle and the urban rainforest within the city limits. Consider trying one of the many tours during your stay for Carnival as it will only enhance your experience of the city.

Overflowing with entertainment

The Rio Carnival is the perfect time to grab the best deal on a package tour of the city. Endless nights of entertainment includes visits to the Sambadrome to watch Rio’s world renowned samba schools battle it out to win the hearts and minds of revelers. The illustrious Carnival balls like the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace are enough to experience Brazilian culture at its best. However, this is only a part of carioca culture. Even during Carnival it is possible to experience the natural, cultural and historical attractions in the city. However, it is most important to enjoy the excitement and energy this incredible festival has to offer.

Everyone is in the samba mood

The party doesn’t end at the Sambadrome. Wild and euphoric celebrations continue on the streets with a number of street parties just as colorful and infectious as one does witness at the Sambadrome. The city is packed with tourists during the Carnival, therefore it is important to organize your flight and accommodation well in advance. We strongly recommend that you book your tickets for the Sambadrome and Carnival Balls tickets well in advance, before they sell out. Everyone is in a party mood and finding a place amongst the crowds can get difficult unless you are an early bird. Book your hotel well in advance of your arrival. Never wait until you arrive in the city to find a hotel room or you will be disappointed. All hotels are booked solid through the Carnival. This even includes hotels away from the tourist areas. In addition prices can increase over 300%. If you plan in advance you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and money.

Budget friendly Rio

Rio is one city that will always remain a true bargain for the discerning traveler. The beauty of the city is that it has room for every budget. The beauty of the city and the friendliness of its people are Rio’s top free attractions. Take the time to understand the culture of the city. Visit its natural wonders and spend time chatting with the locals. This is the best way to learn about their culture and how they live. It will not be long before you feel yourself filled with the joy and vitality of these amazing people. If you cannot afford tickets to the Sambadrome then attend one of the many Street Parties where you can experience the energy and excitement generated by the Carnival.

It offers the opportunity to live grandly on a smaller budget compared to most major cities around the world. Not to forget five-star accommodations, world class cuisine, the most beautiful beaches, and most importantly, to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Street Party in Rio during carnival

Street Parties

Blocos de Carnaval are local parades that occur before, during and after Carnival. They are also known as Street Bands and Street Parties. Rio will experience over 300 street parties with some attracting up to 1 million people. Those visiting Rio during the Carnival are obligated to attend at least one of these parties. Expect to see locals and tourists dancing together in the streets enjoy the fun and vivacity of the Samba beat.

The street parties consist of locals parading along a designated route through the city. Often the streets will be closed or the traffic diverted to accommodate these parades. Cars drive the route blasting their samba music and people follow dancing, drinking and having fun. Large floats lead some of these parades. While costumes are not mandatory it can be fun to wear one.

Some of the largest street parties are Simpatia É Quase Amor and Banda de Ipanema. Both of these parties are located in the Ipanema neighborhood. Banda de Ipanema is popular with the gay population. Other large street parties include Bola Preta, Monobloco and Suvaco do Cristo. Even though this is one of the largest celebrations on earth, there are very few serious incidents reported at these parties. To live like a true Carioca during the Carnival you must attend at least one of these street parties.