The Carnival Balls around the city – another option for the revelers on call

Rio doesn’t have a single moment of respite during the Rio Carnival. While all eyes are on the Sambadrome during the four nights of the Carnival, the party continues on the streets and at many other establishments throughout the city. Rio offers a great selection of Carnival balls you ought not to miss. Besides, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself. There are plenty of options of  Carnival Ball Tickets if you are in a group.

Balls during carnival in Rio

Carnival Balls – Outstanding entertainment

Rio continues its custom of hosting Carnival balls with live music, costumes, and Samba percussion that can get really loud. Many of the famous balls are broadcast live on television. However, you need to attend one to experience true carioca tradition. There are hundreds of balls held all over the city, but a few are simply outstanding by way of entertainment for tourists.

Balls for singles

If you are a footloose and fancy free tourist soaking in the sights and sounds of the Carnival on your own, there are many Carnival balls for singles. Guaranteed you will have the time of your life and meet up with some locals as well. The Scala club in downtown hosts a ball practically every night. The most famous ball is the Scala Gay on Fat Tuesday and the Vermelho e Preto Ball on Friday before the Carnival. Your choice doesn’t end there. Finding a ball for singles is easy in the carnival capital of the world, well known for being a city with many single people.

Gay Balls

The Gala Gay ball at the Scala in downtown is the traditional ball for alternative lifestyles held on Carnival Fat Tuesday. Not surprisingly, gays, lesbians, and drag queens from all over the world come to celebrate the occasion. Apart from plenty of music and dancing, you will get to see some of the wildest and wackiest costumes as well. This is one ball that television cameras from around the world can’t resist either. The Carnival is all about letting go, and the cariocas have a knack of doing just that. The best part is you don’t have to be gay to join in the party. Just be yourself. That’s what having fun is all about. There are other gay balls in the city. Rio is considered one of the most gay friendly destinations in the world. The locals respect sexual diversity and they set an excellent example for cities around the globe.



Carnival magic at Copacabana Palace

Gala balls are among the very best with the Copacabana Palace Hotel playing host to the most expensive ball attended by the rich and famous. Socialites, actors, international stars, you name it, they are all there to enjoy the night. Being the most prestigious ball in Rio, tickets sell out well before the big night on Carnival Saturday. You can expect to pay anything from $500 onwards, depending on your choice of table and ball room. If you want to spend the night in the lap of luxury surrounded by the rich and famous then be sure to attend this ball. The Copacabana Palace is synonymous with all that is posh and elegant. It is the most famous luxury hotel in Brazil and always attracts the wealthy class.

Copacabana Palace Magic Ball

Enjoying the masquerade

From rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous to mingling with the masses, Rio’s Carnival balls give you a taste of what partying means to the locals. Costumes aren’t mandatory at most venues; however, if you want to keep up the tradition and get into the right mood, it’s worth wearing one. Go ahead and let your creative mind take over. It will probably get you to samba better than the locals do. Keeping with tradition, be sure to select a costume best suited to your personal style. Costumes are available online or at one of the many shops located throughout the city. Happiness and excitement are guaranteed, the only moment of downtime you might have is doubt in selecting a costume.