Undoubtedly, the Cariocas have a characteristic zeal for life which is evident from the samba. Moreover, Rio is a contemporary and cosmopolitan melting pot with a nightlife that is not surprisingly the best you could ever experience even if you are a Londoner or from Las Vegas. The city’s musical landscape is equally vibrant and a major contributor to Rio’s entertainment scene.

Copacabana beach at night

Cocktails at the beach

A great way to start the night is sipping cocktails at the beach. This is something that will definitely get you into the party mood. Most importantly, there’s nightlife for every interest and budget in Rio. After a few cocktails, stroll down the streets and you will find an incredible amount of bars, nightclubs, dance halls and live music venues. Most venues stay open until the wee hours of the morning, so you won’t have anyone ruining your party mood. Moreover, you will be just in time to watch the sunrise at the beach, one of the best scenes to witness early in the morning. All you can expect is an exciting and energetic night out in the city.

It’s all about having a good time

Rio’s nightlife is claimed to be the best in the world. As a tourist, you have the privilege to savor the city’s nightlife and reserve your own opinion. However, the possibility of being disappointed is remote. If you want to experience the best all you need to do is adjust your cultural parameters a bit, which is something not difficult to do in a place like Rio. No fights and drunken brawls – Rio’s nightlife is more about chatting up with people, dancing and having a good time.

Blocos and street parties

While there is a host of venues, the best party scenes could be happening on the streets in places like Lapa or Gavea. Come Carnival time and you can experience samba blocos rehearsing for the grand occasion. Rio has a great alternative scene as well. All you need to do is head for the richer areas to find them.