Rio Tips!

One would expect fantastically fresh seafood from the restaurants in Rio de Janeiro given their proximity to the sea. Seldom is a diner disappointed. Even the vendors on the streets selling shrimp skewers have incredibly tasty fare. If you are looking for seafood it does not really matter where you dine in Rio. The seafood is usually fresh and delicious.

Shrimp served in many restaurants in Rio


Italian seafood is the specialty at Satyricon on Rua Barão da Torre. Madonna went there and tried many different dishes and approved them all. Dine on salmon, tilapia, mussels, oysters and sea urchin.

Margutta on Av. Henrique Dumont or on Av. Graca Aranha in the Centro district is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Rio. Dishes are cooked with octopus, salmon or lobster to name just a few.

Azul Marinho sits on Arpoador beach and has some of the most beautiful sunsets from its dining room. Try their whole fish baked in salt or the moquecas, a fish or seafood stew in palm oil and coconut cream.


Marisqueira has been open since the 1950s. They serve some of the tastiest Portuguese influenced seafood. Try the gilled codfish in a mayonnaise sauce. Their caldeirada or seafood stew is also very good. Siri Mole on Rua Francisco Otaviano is renowned for its signature dish moqueca de siri mole. The stew is made with a soft-shell crab steeped in spices. Another option is the acaraje, which is a croquette, made of shrimp.


Vice-Rey serves several functions. Not only is it a seafood restaurant but there is an in-house microbrewery as well as a piano bar and snooker tables. Their appetizers include fried codfish balls, squid rings and sardines. For a main course enjoy squid with banana rice or shrimp risotto. Wash it down with one of the Pilsen or Amber Ale beers or a rum Caipirinhas. A small boat takes you to Laguna Restaurant located on an island in Barra da Tijuca. The house special is bobó de camarão made with shrimp and potatoes.

Other Top Seafood Restaurants


Seafood plate served in Rio


Barracuda in Flamengo was started 30 years ago by a Portuguese fisherman. They specialize in codfish dishes. Rio Minho in Centro was founded in 1884. Its seafood is cooked with a Portuguese influence and its signature dish is bouillabaisse. Amendoeira in Pedra de Guaratiba features five fish; sea trout, seabass, flounder, grouper and sandperch in various dishes. Their moqueca and tempura shrimp are quite delicious.