No one needs an excuse to have a good time in Rio. Whether you want a head banging experience, sway to the samba, or simply relax and down a few cocktails, Rio has a place for you. Most pubs are open from late morning to the wee hours of the next day. True to carioca culture, most people step out of their home at night and don’t return until the first rays of the sun hit the city, especially on weekends. What Cariocas do best is have fun and there is no harm joining in the fun when on vacation.

Lapa Irish Pub in Lapa Rio de Janeiro

Catching Up with the Irish

Ipanema and Leblon are two of the best watering holes, with a choice of noisy local bars to the traditional, relaxed atmosphere of pubs. To experience true Irish hospitality you ought to head for Ipanema. Two Irish bars, The Irish Pub and Shenanigans, attract a lot of tourists and affluent cariocas. They do fill up close to midnight, but give you the chance to catch up on some live blues and jazz on the weekends. If you are tired doing the samba, these pubs are the place to relax and unwind.

Old Guinness Vs. Caipirinhas

Waxy’s Irish pub in Ipanema a recent addition for those tired of downing weak lager. While the pub retains the traditional Irish pub atmosphere, it is still sensitive to Ipanema’s lively night scene which is well represented. If you want your share of stew, fish-and-chips and Yorkshire pudding while on vacation then Waxy’s has it all. On Sunday evenings the pubs hosts an open jam session. Along with a pint of Guinness, you can also slip back into carioca mode and sip on some caipirinhas.

Hot Jazz and Cold Beer

Good brew and a chilled atmosphere are always welcome especially when you are in a hotspot like Rio. If you think of it, hot jazz and cold beer is the perfect antidote after a few hectic nights in Rio.