Porcão is a popular restaurant in Rio that serves a variety of cuts of meat on spits. Although the meaning of Porcão is ‘big pig’ in Portuguese, the restaurant is an elegant dining room frequented by the well-heeled. Drop in at the restaurant and you may have the privilege to meet soccer stars, TV personalities and other well-known names. Many visitors find the food and service at Porcão above par when compared with many restaurants in Paris, Vienna and other gourmet destinations around the world. Quite understandably, for the locals Porcão is the Mecca of all Brazilian BBQ restaurants or churrascarias. The Churrascaria’s chain Porcão is the best option for steak for rodízio system, with stores in Ipanema, Barra and other neighborhoods. The best option for tourists is the Porcão Rio `s, in Aterro do Flamengo (Flamengo Park), which boasts a breathtaking view of Guanabara Bay and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

A Rodizio Fare

Porcão offers a delectable seafood platter that is the favorite amongst its ever increasing list of patrons. Fish, sushi and plenty of salads and side dishes are prepared by some of the finest chefs. Clients recommend that you go there starving so that you can make the most of more than two dozen varieties and cuts. Moreover, Porcão is a rodízio churrascaria, which means you can eat as much as you want for a fixed price, excluding drinks and desserts.

Porcao’s Heady Cocktails

Porcão serves an assortment of fruit cocktails including Batidas, a drink made from papaya, fresh mango and coconut mixed with condensed milk and topped with Cachaca, a famous local alcoholic drink distilled from sugar cane. Draft beer and Brazil’s national drink, Caipirinhas, a cocktail made from fresh limes, sugar, cachaca and ice are among the other favorites of most diners.

Vegetarian Fare

Vegetarians won’t feel left out at Porcão. A bountiful salad bar featuring all sorts of vegetable and green leaf combinations awaits diehard vegetarians. Plenty of side dishes accompany every order, which includes French fries, fried bananas, pastries stuffed with cheese, onion rings and much more. The beauty of the restaurant is that there is no written menu. A continuous flow of waiters stops by every table wielding skewers of grilled meats for diners to choose from. If this isn’t enough, a pastry cart full of flans, cakes and fruit salads follow.