Rio Tips!

Nightlife in Ipanema does promise plenty of action. The first stop for most locals and visitors is cafés where they can share a plate of snacks and a few glasses of beer on the terrace getting into the party mood. Emporio bar is a meeting place for many rock and alternative music lovers, so if that’s what appeals to you then go ahead and have a few caipirinhas there. Of course, there are a few Irish bars like Shenanigans as well.

Bardot Night Club in Rio de Janeiro

A Hotspot for Everyone

Ipanema has plenty of small bars and restaurants, which includes beach bars and churrascarias where you can eat as much as you like for a fee. Many of Ipanema’s clubs are frequented by gays, lesbians and sympathizers and you will find a line of three clubs catering to each alternative group. Discos are popular too, where most are packed with tourists.

Dressing to Kill

Most clubs in Ipanema don’t have a dress code, but if you want to keep up with the Cariocas then you may want to dress well. Ipanema is home to the affluent, so your choice is limited. Feijoada restaurants like Bar Garota de Ipanema where Carlos Jobim was inspired to write his song ‘’The Girl from Ipanema’ serve up Brazil’s national dish. This is the perfect way to prepare for a long night of partying.

Baixos – Rio’s Party Zones

Plenty of music reverberates through the thick glass windows and tiny doorways of nightclubs. You have a choice of rock, jazz, salsa, local Brazilian drum bands and much more. To explore the baixos, a term used by Cariocas to indicate a block of clubs and cafés, a stroll around the place is the best way to find a place to settle in. The Baixo Quiteria and Baixo Farme are two blocks with a number of party spots, much like the French Quarter in New Orleans. Don’t be surprised to find people strolling from one bar to the other with drinks in hand. That’s the Carioca way of life, so enjoy it to the fullest while you have the chance.