Rio Tips!

Ice Cream is a favorite local treat in Rio de Janeiro. Ice cream stands can be found on almost every corner so it is not difficult to indulge in this creamy confection.


What makes ice cream unique in Rio de Janeiro are the local ingredients. Mango, açaí and passionfruit are as popular as chocolate or vanilla ice cream in the United States. Many of the ice cream shops also combine ingredients to make unique flavors such as orange ginger or white chocolate with jabuticaba and white chocolate with cupuaçu.


Sorvete Brasil - Ice cream in Rio de Janeiro

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is also very popular in Rio. They offer unusual flavors too in both regular and non-fat varieties. One of the most popular stores is Yogoberry. Flavors range from blackberry to chocolate. This self-serve store also offers an extensive toppings bar. Yoforia is another popular frozen yogurt shop with flavors such as taro, pomegranate and mango. They also have a wide array of healthy toppings like kiwi, pineapple, banana and strawberries.

Ice Cream

There are several different ice cream shops in Rio. Sorvete Italia is one of the local favorites with flavors like cashew, tapioca and Baba de Moça. They are located in Ipanema, Leblon and Jardim Botanico. Mil Frutas is another popular ice cream shop with such strange flavors like lychee with sake. The best pistachio ice cream can be found at Felice Cafe in Ipanema.

When to Go

There are over 150 ice cream parlors in Rio de Janeiro. All will fit in anyone’s budget. Many of these ice cream shops do open until later in the day around 10am or so unless they offer breakfast. Ice cream is a favorite after dinner treat for the Cariocas and in some neighborhoods lines will be out the door.