Vibrant nightlife in Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro is a spectacular city in more ways than one. It doesn’t take long for visitors to fall in love with the city. Albeit the traffic and bustle in the city, Rio’s fascinating culture and way of life is what lures tourists every year from all over world.

Clubbing Capital of South America

The Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant nightlife in neighborhoods like Copacabana and Lapa has rightfully made it the clubbing capital of South America. Now, this is not without reason because the cariocas sure know how to party. Moreover, their warmth and friendly attitude towards everyone is contagious and don’t be surprised if you go back home a changed individual.  While Copacabana Beach is the most famous beach in the world, the neighborhood’s claim to fame is also supported by its the Rio nightlife. For the partygoer, there are bars, lounges, nightclubs and live concerts to choose from. Incidentally, these places are packed with tourists throughout the year.

Strip Clubs, Techno Music and more

Being a tourist hotspot, Copa’s nightlife is centered on strip clubs and bars that line the beachfront. Among the popular joints  Bunker 94 on Rua Raul Pompeia that attracts young, eclectic crowds. If you prefer to spend the night at these places you will find a variety of techno, classic rock and 70s music, played on various nights of the week. A few petty criminals are known to prey on tourists occasionally, so make sure you stay away from any trouble. The northern extreme of Copacabana beach has a number of bars and clubs on the east side that are mainly heterosexual spots. For alternative groups, there are plenty of bars catering to the gay community on the west side of the beach.

From Luxury to Simplicity

The famous poolside bar at the Copacabana Palace Hotel is frequented by the well heeled of Rio, so if you are willing to stretch your budget, it is worth sipping a few cocktails at the poolside bar. In stark contrast, the simple shacks with thatched roofs that dot the beach always welcome you day or night. Bar do Copa, a fairly new nightclub at Copacabana Palace, with decoration that reflects the Rio’s skystar, is also a hot spot. In Copa party animals will never be disappointed.

With its Mediterranean style allied to the magnificent view of Copacabana Beach, Café del Mar from Ibiza is another excellent choice for those who loves sophisticaded culinary and great music.