Turn up the volume and let’s Samba! That is the party cry in the Rio Scenarium, the most exciting bar in Rio de Janeiro. Voted one of the top 10 bars in the world by the British Press in 2006, like a fine wine, it has become better with age.

Check It Out!

The eclectic atmosphere in this 3-story dance club is jaw dropping. A former antique store, the walls and ceilings are filled with historic paraphernalia. A cabinet filled with antique dolls, bids you entrance. As you walk under a canopy of colorful umbrellas the sounds of samba music will caress your senses. Head up to the second floor and find a spot on one of the bright red period couches for a tête-à-tête. Or, step out on the dance floor and samba under antique bicycles and old diner chairs. On the third floor, the center of attention is a 2-story behemoth that looks like a cross between a psychedelic maypole and a jellyfish that ate a rainbow.

Music-A Celebration of Life

The Rio Scenarium plays music that celebrates the Brazilian people. Live bands jam until the wee hours of the morning. On any given night the sounds of samba, bossa nova, baião or frevo can be heard wafting out of the doors and windows. Recording artists such as Lunar Orchestra and the Henrique Band consider the Rio Scenarium home and their infectious sounds keep the crowd enthusiastically dancing all evening.

Tasty Treats

The Rio Scenarium is also home to some of the best tapas in the area. Argentinean steak and seafood fresh from the Rio coast will melt in your mouth. Wine from South American vineyards is featured nightly. For your sweet tooth, passion fruit crème brulee and homemade Rio Scenarium pie are truly mouth watering.

Finding Your Way

Located in the Lapa district on the Rua do Lavradio, Rio Scenarium opens Tuesday through Thursday at 6:30pm. On Friday the doors open at 9pm and Saturday the party begins at 8pm. Reservations are accepted and recommended. Check how long your reservation is valid for as it can expire after a certain time. The best seats are at the tables surrounding the stage on the first floor.

For a night you will never forget drop by the Rio Scenarium. Your senses will come alive at the sights, sounds and tastes of this incredible nightclub.