The port of Rio de Janeiro is a major cargo destination for freight from overseas.

Located in Downtown neighborhood, the port of Rio de Janeiro is the third busiest port in Brazil. Many cruise ships also dock here as one of their ports of call.

Facts about the Port of Rio

The port runs from the Maua Pier to the Wharf of the Cashew. It covers 7 thousand meters of wharf and a pier that extends 883 meters. The Rio port consists of the Maua Wharf, Wharf of Gamboa, Wharf of Are Cristovão, Wharf of the Cashew and the Terminal of Manguinhos.

Cruises ships in Rio

Accessing the Port

The port is fully accessible by rail, boat or road. It is administered by Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro. Wheat, sugar, iron, steel, vehicles and liquid cargo move in and out of the port yearly. Primarily a cargo port, only 91 thousand passengers and 83 cruise ships passed through this port in 2004. However, 2 million tons of cargo in 1700 ships passed through the port in the same year.

Port’s Renewal

The port of Rio de Janeiro will undergo a major renovation for the 2016 Olympic Games. Work began in 2010 it’s the major infrastructure works of the city over the past 30 years. The port area currently does not offer many attractions or tourist services. A big part of Perimetral viaduct will be demolished allowing the reduction of visual pollution in the region. The high speed train Rio – São Paulo, which should also be ready in 2016, will depart from Cidade Nova neighborhood, in the region. The great purpose of government is to bring investment to the port area, developing tourism and services industries and also improve the aesthetic beauty of the region.

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