Novo Rio Bus Station – The gateway to most important tourism destinations in Rio

Built in 1965 by Governor of the Guanabara State (aka Rio de Janeiro, back then) Carlos Lacerda, the Novo Rio Bus Station, Rio de Janeiro Bus Terminal, is located nearby downtown neighborhood and is close to the main exits of the city – Linha Vermelha, Rio-Niteroi Bridge, Avenida Brazil).

The Novo Rio Bus Station connects with most important tourism destinations in Rio de Janeiro state, such as Angra dos Reis, Buzios and Paraty, with 50,000 passengers passing through the terminal daily and, during the holidays  around 80,000. 42 bus companies operates transporting more than 1,100,000 passengers a month in 219 lines – being 48 inter municipals, 165 interstate and 6 international lines to four countries.

Novo Rio Renovation

Forty four years after its construction the Novo Rio Bus Station underwent its first major renovation. The new bus terminal in Rio looks a lot like a shopping center with shops and food courts. In the first phase of the project revitalization, delivered in November 2009, the reform included improvements in ticket counter, platforms, signs and security system, which now has cameras.


How to get there

Like at the airports some taxi cooperatives also serves the Terminal passengers upon their arrival and departure, such as Coopatur (21 – 3885-1000), Transcootur (21-2590-2300 OR  21-2590-2220), Coopertramo (21-2560-2022 OR +55 21 98008 0055). If you want to take the yellow cab which is usually cheaper upon your arrival in Rio, we recommend you get the ones that are dropping off passengers, as those that are already at the arrival area tend to charge higher fare rates.
Also there are metro buses that does integration with the metro stations at Praca Onze  (downtown), Estácio and Largo do Machado.

By public buses or premium buses

From Bus Terminal to South Zone:

–          Frescão (premium bus) – line 2018 at the back of the Bus Terminal (Rua Equador).  Departures every 20 minutes.

–          Public Buses – At the main entrance (Avenida Rodrigues Alves) – to Ipanema lines 123 or 485 (Penha – General Osorio) and to Botafogo – lines 127, 128, 172.

From South Zone to Bus Terminal:

–          Frescão  (premium)– Get the line 2018 either in Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon main streets – get full itinerary at Real Auto Onibus website.

–          Public buses – many lines connects South Zone to Novo Rio Bus Station (lines 110, 123, 128, 126, etc…) you can also check some of the public buses lines and itinerary at  Real Auto Onibus website.

From/To Bus Terminal – Airports – International and Domestic:

–          Frescão-  line 2018 – This line starts at Alvorada Terminal (at Barra da Tijuca) and passes through both Airports and the Bus Terminal on the way going and return.

Rio de Janeiro Bus Terminal – Useful info

The Novo Rio Bus Station operates from 5am – 12am, 7 days a week.

Address : Av. Francisco Bicalho, 01 – Santo Cristo – CEP: 20220-310 – Rio de Janeiro/RJ –

Ph #: (21) 3213-1800

As there are a variety of company buses that serves the Terminal please go to Novo Rio website in order to find out the company that serves the destination of your choice.