Lagoa is the ultimate leisure neighborhood

Lagoa is a scenic neighborhood developed around a lagoon that empties into the ocean. This is the ultimate leisure neighborhood which is perfect for relaxation and some wholesome family fun. You can grab a snack at the waterside kiosks, go for a walk on the pathway around the lagoon or listen to live music by the waterside. Lagoa also has a number of country clubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs for those who love to party. The Botanical Gardens and the headquarters of the Flamengo soccer team are also located here. The recent renovation of Lagoa included the introduction of new parks, food kiosks and free sports courts, making the area even more appealing. People who enjoy sports will be delighted with the many opportunities for activities like cycling, horseback riding, roller skating, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, nautical sports and much more. The two islands in Lagoa are used as private country clubs namely Caiçaras and Piraquê.

View from the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon


The lagoon in the area was originally known as Sacopenapã, meaning “way of the socó birds” in native dialect. In the XVI century it was surrounded by a large sugarcane farm named Engenho d’El Rei but was later purchased by Rodrigo de Freitas in the XVII century. The Royal Gunpowder Factory was installed here in 1808 by Emperor Dom João XVI. The arrival of the streetcar marked the development of this area in the 19th century. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas was recently declared a national landmark by the Historical Patrimony.


This neighborhood is surrounded by Copacanbana, Ipanema, Leblon, Gavea and Jardim Botanico. The Rebouças Tunnel connects Lagoa to Downtown and the International Airport. The Lagoa-Barra freeway can be used to reach São Conrado and Barra.


The lake is pretty shallow with a depth of 4.3 meters. However, it is not fit for swimming. It harbors plenty of fish and attracts hordes of birds as well. It is linked by Alah’s Gardens Canal to the Atlantic Ocean. The lane around Lagoa is 7.5 kms, perfect for a lazy evening walk.

Parque do Cantagalo

Right across Parque da Catacumba lies Parque do Cantagalo. This park features tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer courts, two workout stations and four playgrounds for children making it a much livelier place. You can also rent a bicycle to ride along the park or embark on a leisurely pedal boat ride. The park also features gourmet kiosks for replenishment after all that activity. The unique igloo shaped gas station adds to the charm of the place.

Parque dos Patins

Parque dos Patins is the largest park in Lagoa and lies across the Jockey Club. It features a large roller skate rink, a playground for children, gourmet food kiosks and areas for bicycle rides, pedal boat rides and even helicopter rides.

Parque das Taboas

Parque das Taboas is smaller than the other parks but still attracts its fair share of visitors due to its popular skating bowl. It also has sports courts, playgrounds and food kiosks. The park is a 15 minutes’ walk away from Ipanema.

Parque da Catacumba in Rio

Parque da Catacumba

The Parque da Catacumba is the perfect place to relax and take in the natural scenery of Lagoa. The park was opened in 1979 and holds the distinction of being the first open air sculpture garden in Brazil. It occupies an area of 30,000 square meters on Morro dos Cabritos and features works by artists including Sérgio Camargo, Franz Weissman and Antonio Manuel. If you are lucky, you can also catch a performance with some live music at the park, which is also a favorite place for jam sessions.

Leisure Clubs

Piraque, Caicaras, Monte Libano, Militar, Aabb, Flamengo, Hipica and Jockey are famous private clubs located in this area that helped preserve its reputation as a leisure neighborhood. These clubs offer many activities like sports courts, gyms, swimming, sauna, steam rooms, rowing, boating and so on. Horseback riding is also very popular.


Bar Lagoa is a tradition in this neighborhood. It has been around for 65 years and has its own loyal fans. Locals swear by the delicious food which is served here so it is definitely worth a visit. The building itself is a landmark. The restaurant serves delicious Brazilian food with a German twist. Large portions of food are guaranteed, so you are sure to get value for your money.

The kiosks around the waterfront and in the parks offer gourmet food and drinks which you will certainly relish. What better way to enjoy your meal than amidst the natural wonders of the neighborhood.

Serving comtemporanean food there is Boate Praia on the Borges de Medeiros Ave. side of Lagoa, the Boate Praia is also a nightclub.


Brand new cinema complex in Lagoa, the Cinépolis Lagoon has 6 cinema halls and two bars. 3 of the halls has 3D technology. Surrounded by glass windows it faces the lagoon providing a spectacular view.