Ipanema and Leblon – the sophisticated neighborhoods

Ipanema beach runs into Leblon beach. Therefore, the neighborhoods surrounding these beaches are usually depicted together on most maps. Not as large as the Copacabana neighborhood, Ipanema and Leblon are known for their more sophisticated establishments.

The Streets of Ipanema and Leblon

These two neighborhoods are very walk-able. Everything is close and easy to reach. This area gained a reputation for its haute couture shops, most lining Dias Ferreira, Visconde de Pirajá and Ataulfo de Paiva. You can also get to Ipanema by subway in the new station of General Osorio’s Square. On Sundays the Hippie Fair takes the street of General Osorio and it’s an attraction that is not to be missed, it goes from 8 am to 5 pm.

Wealthy Venues

These neighborhoods are where the wealthy live. A walk to Jardim Pernambuco in Leblon, will reveal some incredible mansions. Rua Dias Ferreira in the same neighborhood is a popular stomping ground for the wealthy with its upscale cafes, bars and restaurants.

In Ipanema the luxury “avenue” is Garcia D’Ávila Street where you find not only the headquarters of major jewelry, Amsterdan Sauer and H.Stern, but also major international brands such as Mont Blanc, Louis Vuitton and Nespresso Boutique. Continuing along the street towards Lagoa, restaurants like Alessandro & Frederico, Venga are among the wealthy places to eat in the area.

Smaller in scope but wealthier and more impressive, the Ipanema/Leblon neighborhoods are a bit more impressive than the Copacabana region. Most of the establishments are geared toward the wealthy and can be a bit more expensive.