Absolutely sensational! Havaianas are heaven for the feet! These amazingly comfortable sandals have been a hit in Brazil since they were first designed in the 1960s. Today, they are storming onto the international fashion scene. Popular with models, movie stars and moguls, they are now available to the world at affordable prices and in colorful and mod designs. Now, Havaianas has its own website and many stores in Rio (a great one in Rio Sul Mall) where you can find many different models that will fit your taste and feet.

Havaianas History

Fashioned after the Japanese sandal called the Zori, made with rice straw soles and cloth straps, these sandals were designed for comfort and durability. In 1994, the inspiration to create monochromatic sandals was inspired by surfers in Brazil who would remove the straps, turn the sandal over and then reattach the straps. In 2006, the Havaianas Slim was created with a more delicate strap for women. This is the most popular style today. 2007 marked the permanent introduction of Havaianas into the United States and in 2008 Havaianas moved into Europe when their international base was set up in Madrid.

Havainas Today

More than 40 types of Havaianas are now available. Color options increase your choice to 350 possible styles. The design options have also become more radical. Psychedelic swirls, geometric prints and Hawaiian floral are among the most popular in today’s market. Swarovski crystals, metallic and camouflage are all available. Havaianas are also made for young children and toddlers. A special elastic strap keeps them on little feet.

Special Edition Havainas

These flip-flops are often manufactured to celebrate special events. Sandals with team colors were available for the World Soccer Cup. The 2016 Olympics will most likely have their own special design. The most recent limited edition is a Slim Crystal Mesh in silver, gold or pewter. The straps are embellished with sparkling crystals. These sandals retail for $148.00. However, standard styles are very affordable.

When visiting Rio be sure not to leave the city without at least one pair of Havaianas for yourself. These also make a great gift for friends and family at home. Teenagers will especially love the crazy and nouveau designs. Adults will appreciate their comfort and durability. After all, these sandals never lose their shape or their straps. And, best of all, they do not hold foot odor and always smell fresh.