Rio Tips!

Rio de Janeiro is known as the cosmetic dentistry capital of the world. Patients travel here to undergo different dental procedures that may not be available in their own country. Combining surgery with a vacation in a glorious location like Rio de Janeiro makes the recuperation process so much more tolerable.

Smiling face - Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Why Seek Out Dental Treatment in Rio?

Due to the skyrocketing costs of dental care in the US and Europe patients are turning to Rio de Janeiro for a cheaper option. Dental costs are significantly less than in most other countries while talent is equal to, if not better, than dentists in other countries. The staff is also trained to provide personal attention and special pampering to its out-of-town clients.

Dentists in Brazil

The locals in Rio are fanatical about their teeth and proper dental care. As a result there is a very high demand for top-notch dentists. There are actually more dentists in Brazil than in America. Many have earned international recognition for their talents in cosmetic dentistry.

Finding a Dentist in Rio

There are many ways to find a cosmetic dentist in Rio de Janeiro. Several online sites such as www.dentistbrazil.com are available. You can submit your requirements to get the names of qualified dentists in Rio. The list of dentists provides the languages spoken in the office, a brief biography of the dentist and their specialty procedures. If you know anyone who lives in Rio de Janeiro, ask for their recommendation. There are also travel companies that specialize in arranging surgery in other countries and they will have the names of several top dental surgeons.

Services Available

Some of the best cosmetic dentists have established practices in Rio de Janeiro. One of the most popular treatments is dental implants. Instead of bridges and crowns, teeth set as implants adhere directly to the jaw. This makes the teeth feel more natural. Orthognathic Surgery is another procedure available in Rio. In this situation, surgery alters the position of the jaw to correct deformities or deliberately alter appearance. Other more common procedures include bleaching, root canals, veneers and gum treatments.