Estação Méier, or the Meier Train Station in Rio de Janeiro, is a metropolitan train station built for suburban trains and superhighways. The Meier Train Station was the first line to be built by Dom Pedro II as the backbone of the transportation system in Brazil. The first stretch was completed in 1858 and expanded to Minas Gerais with the intention of reaching São Francisco River, reaching Peter Leopold in 1895. In 1948, the line was extended to Monte Azul where it met a connection with the Eastern Brazilian VF that carried passengers to Salvador. The passenger lines to Bahia survived until 1996 and today the entire line is still in existence but for freight trains. Estação Méier is now a metropolitan train station of superhighways, and a station built for suburban trains. The building of the Meier Train station is notably not the original building. The lines are run by the consortium “SuperVia” that manages the urban passenger rail network in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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