Rio de Janeiro has an every day increasing number of Hostels to please any pocket. From the chic neighborhoods of Leblon and Ipanema to the Vidigal Slum, you’re sure to find a place to fit your budget.

Every big city offers a way for those looking for cheap accommodations. Rio de Janeiro is not different.  Hostels are the cheapest way to travel in any country. These accommodations are considered bare minimum but do have their advantages.  Many are located within the cities and their popularity is growing considerably with the down turn of the world economy.  There are many hostels scattered throughout Rio de Janeiro. Each is required to meet quality standards of comfort, availability, cleanliness and safety.

Their very affordable prices make them a popular choice for travelers on a budget. While some hostels have dormitory sleeping areas other have private rooms with attached baths.  Hostels afford the traveler a chance to meet people from all over the world as guests are usually forced together in a communal setting. Most hostels try to adhere to strict environmental standards and expect their guests to do the same.

Features of Hostels

Many hostels in Rio feature bunk beds in a dormitory like setting. There are usually one or two bathrooms that are shared and a main living space with a kitchen. The bunkrooms may be separated by gender or everyone may be grouped together. In some hostels in Rio de Janeiro there are private rooms available. The fun of staying in a hostel aside from saving money is meeting new people. A hostel promotes socializing and guests are bound to make friends with travelers from all over the world.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are hostels meant for young people. They are sponsored by the Youth Hostel Associations who take great care to ensure that youth hostels in Rio meet exacting standards. They are expected to be open to all people and provide a comfortable night’s sleep with fresh linens and shower facilities. Meals are made by the staff or kitchen facilities are available to make your own. The hostel is expected to be clean and sanitary. There should be lockers where you can lock up your valuables. Privacy should be afforded to individuals using the shower and the toilet.

Hostels and Ecology

Most hostels are very environmentally sensitive. This is especially true in Brazil where it is vital to maintain a pristine natural environment. Many adhere to the standard practices of recycling, conversation of water and energy and careful disposal of waste. Several hostels also operate excellent conservation programs and try to educate their guests in their environmental responsibilities.

Like any other form of accommodation, hostels vary in their popularity ratings. We can provide any traveler with a list of hostels in an area that are suitable and affordable. We take great pride in finding the best hostels available in Rio de Janeiro.

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